GRE Essay Topic 362 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The best preparation for life or a career is not learning to be competitive, but learning to be cooperative."

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Competitive-probably the most used term today in this “competitive” world. Many times, we see people being judged based on their performance in any competition. This is because it has widely become a tool to measure the quality of a person with another.

Interestingly, the world competitive doesn’t apply everywhere and is probably being misused by many which could undermine things that are under scrutiny. Not every person can be the best. After all, the term best is reserved for just one, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one person to be picked in any category. Different people choose different careers and always strive to become better over the course of time in order to lead a better life. Although this could be done in many ways, one wise way is to choose the path of “cooperation” that lets you interact with the person having interests similar to that of yours. This simply accelerates the path you’re going over, also benefitting the other person (s) as much as you.

Also, cooperation isn’t just confined to people with similar interest, it could also be the answer to the one missing part of the conundrum in your career. One example that could be worth mentioning is the relationship or the cooperation between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. If it wasn’t for Jobs, Wozniak’s amazing brain might not have been introduced to this world which could be attributed to the revolution of technology. Things could have taken much longer if there wasn’t any cooperation between them. So, choosing your partner is one way to encompass what you’ve been looking to accomplish.

Unfortunately, many don’t understand the benefits of this path and usually choose to do it themselves instead of looking or even waiting for someone to join you through your way. Fortunately, the latter isn’t too difficult today considering the advances we had over the past 30 years, not just in technology but also since the hobnobbing feature has grown a lot.
There still lies a trite that arises due to the perception of people as many fail to fathom the wonderful use of cooperation.

So, let’s sanguinely believe whatever lies ahead will occur in a smarter, more insightful way than what it’s been at least in the minds of the insular.

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