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GRE Essay Topic 323 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "To guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students` parents must be actively involved in defining the schools` educational policies."

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I am quite agree with what the remark implies that parents should take an active part in the students` education during their earlier years, for it`s hard to draw a distinct line between the learning and not learning in the young persons`s life.

Family do means a lot in a persons life. Parents` words, activities and minds implyed in dayly life are particularly important factors that affect the kid`s mind. It`s family life that takes most of the kid`s time and moulds his/her characters mostly.

So, parents`responsibility towards the family is not only providing kids an affluent substance condition but also in education which is even more important than everything else. Parents are always the children`s first teachers and also play an important role in their kids` life even after they go to school. Their active attitude towards education and school would help the students to set up a good conception of schooling. If parents can respond to teachers activly, school and home would thus be a unity which is combined by the afforts from both teachers and parents so that the students receive good education without interruption. Teachers and parents could help each other and do their best to make a good affection in the student`s growing up together.

Meanwhile, the parents may need the help from school also. Any parent who care the child would like to know what the student study in school. Some parents need the teacher to help them sovling some problems of the kids or between them and kids. i think that many parents are glad to be involved in the schools` education policies as the school hope to get support from the families.

If there is no help and response between the families and schools, teachers would find they are working in vain or hard at least. They don`t know what the student would do and what he thinks about after the schooling and they may find it`s hard to keep the student from bad affection if that kind of affection comes right from the family. They may find themselves in a dilemma and don`t know how to resolve it at all when the family don`t agree with the way they tries to teach. And what they do may not have any results if the decucation excludes parents. One the other side, the parents would also be confused if they cannot get any information of the students from schools.

So, i believe that both parents should be included in the school`s education policies since the students`s life cannot be divided into living and education entirly.

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