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  1. Topic 510 - The following appeared as part of an article in the book section of a newspaper. "Currently more and more books are becoming available in electronic form ? either free-of-charge on the Internet or for a very low price-per-book on compact disc.* Thus literary classics are likely to be read more widely than ever before. People who couldn't have purchased these works at bookstore prices will now be able to read them for little or no money; similarly, people who find it inconvenient to visit libraries and wait for books to be returned by other patrons will now have access to whatever classic they choose from their home or work computers. This increase in access to literary classics will radically affect the public taste in reading, creating a far more sophisticated and learned reading audience than has ever existed before." *A "compact disc" is a small portable disc capable of storing relatively large amounts of data that can be read by a computer. Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  2. Topic 431 - The following appeared as part of an editorial in an industry newsletter. "While trucking companies that deliver goods pay only a portion of highway maintenance costs and no property tax on the highways they use, railways spend billions per year maintaining and upgrading their facilities. The government should lower the railroad companies' property taxes, since sending goods by rail is clearly a more appropriate mode of ground transportation than highway shipping. For one thing, trains consume only a third of the fuel a truck would use to carry the same load, making them a more cost-effective and environmentally sound mode of transport. Furthermore, since rail lines already exist, increases in rail traffic would not require building new lines at the expense of taxpaying citizens." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  3. Topic 540 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the vice-president of Gigantis, a development company that builds and leases retail store facilities. "Nationwide over the past five years, sales have increased significantly at outlet stores that deal exclusively in reduced-price merchandise. Therefore, we should publicize the new mall that we are building at Pleasantville as a central location for outlet shopping and rent store space only to outlet companies. By taking advantage of the success of outlet stores, this plan should help ensure full occupancy of the mall and enable us to recover quickly the costs of building the mall." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  4. Topic 448 - The following appeared in the editorial section of a campus newspaper. "Because occupancy rates for campus housing fell during the last academic year, so did housing revenues. To solve the problem, campus housing officials should reduce the number of available housing units, thereby increasing the occupancy rates. Also, to keep students from choosing to live off-campus, housing officials should lower the rents, thereby increasing demand." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  5. Topic 461 - The following appeared in a magazine article on trends and lifestyles. "In general, people are not as concerned as they were a decade ago about regulating their intake of red meat and fatty cheeses. Walk into the Heart's Delight, a store that started selling organic fruits and vegetables and whole-grain flours in the 1960's, and you will also find a wide selection of cheeses made with high butterfat content. Next door, the owners of the Good Earth Caf?, an old vegetarian restaurant, are still making a modest living, but the owners of the new House of Beef across the street are millionaires." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  6. Topic 449 - The following appeared in an Avia Airlines departmental memorandum. "On average, 9 out of every 1,000 passengers who traveled on Avia Airlines last year filed a complaint about our baggage-handling procedures. This means that although some 1 percent of our passengers were unhappy with those procedures, the overwhelming majority were quite satisfied with them; thus it would appear that a review of the procedures is not important to our goal of maintaining or increasing the number of Avia's passengers." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  7. Topic 443 - The following is part of a business plan being discussed at a board meeting of the Perks Company. "It is no longer cost -effective for the Perks Company to continue offering its employees a generous package of benefits and incentives year after year. In periods when national unemployment rates are low, Perks may need to offer such a package in order to attract and keep good employees, but since national unemployment rates are now high, Perks does not need to offer the same benefits and incentives. The money thus saved could be better used to replace the existing plant machinery with more technologically sophisticated equipment, or even to build an additional plant." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  8. Topic 539 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the business planning department of Avia Airlines. "Of all the cities in their region, Beaumont and Fletcher are showing the fastest growth in the number of new businesses. Therefore, Avia should establish a commuter route between them as a means of countering recent losses on its main passenger routes. And to make the commuter route more profitable from the outset, Avia should offer a 1/3 discount on tickets purchased within two days of the flight. Unlike tickets bought earlier, discount tickets will be nonrefundable, and so gain from their sale will be greater." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  9. Topic 414 - The following appeared in a report presented for discussion at a meeting of the directors of a company that manufactures parts for heavy machinery. "The falling revenues that the company is experiencing coincide with delays in manufacturing. These delays, in turn, are due in large part to poor planning in purchasing metals. Consider further that the manager of the department that handles purchasing of raw materials has an excellent background in general business, psychology, and sociology, but knows little about the properties of metals. The company should, therefore, move the purchasing manager to the sales department and bring in a scientist from the research division to be manager of the purchasing department." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  10. Topic 450 - The following appeared as part of an article in a weekly newsmagazine. "The country of Sacchar can best solve its current trade deficit problem by lowering the price of sugar, its primary export. Such an action would make Sacchar better able to compete for markets with other sugar-exporting countries. The sale of Sacchar's sugar abroad would increase, and this increase would substantially reduce Sacchar's trade deficit." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  11. Topic 504 - The following appeared as part of an article in a computer magazine. "A year ago Apex Manufacturing bought its managers computers for their homes and paid for telephone connections so that they could access Apex computers and data files from home after normal business hours. Since last year, productivity at Apex has increased by 15 percent. Other companies can learn from the success at Apex: given home computers and access to company resources, employees will work additional hours at home and thereby increase company profits." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write
  12. Topic 453 - The following appeared in an article in the health section of a newspaper. "There is a common misconception that university hospitals are better than community or private hospitals. This notion is unfounded, however: the university hospitals in our region employ 15 percent fewer doctors, have a 20 percent lower success rate in treating patients, make far less overall profit, and pay their medical staff considerably less than do private hospitals. Furthermore, many doctors at university hospitals typically divide their time among teaching, conducting research, and treating patients. From this it seems clear that the quality of care at university hospitals is lower than that at other kinds of hospitals." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read | Write

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