Escape from stress

TOEFL Essay Topic 96 - People have different ways of escaping the stress and difficulties of modern life. Some read; some exercise; others work in their gardens. What do you think are the best ways of reducing stress? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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Escape from stress

Our every day life has different stresses such as difficulties with job or with family. Some people read, some work in the garden. Some people smoke and drink a lot. So, every person has own way to relax. I have my own kind of a rest. When I have a stress I launch my computer and play in soccer. It is in the case if the weather is bad. When the weather is fine I go to stadium and play there. So, now I’ll try to describe why I prefer it.

I am a graduate student in Institute of Physics of the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Every day I have difficult brain work. At the evening my head is ill and sometimes I can’t see good. So, every weekend I must to relax. In other case I can’t do my job well. In my opinion, physical exercises are the best way for my brain to relax.

When I play in football I don’t think about job and physics. So, at the end of the game my head is clear and I can work with it. Also, when I play I can have a speech with my friends. They are not physicists and I can have a rest from physics in general. When I tell with them I can know about the facts from their lives. And I don’t think about my family’s problems. Also I can see that I am not alone with my problems. When I analyse my friend’s problems I can find the solving of my problem. It is good reason to meet with friends.

Football is a sport competition and it is a modelling of people’s lives. I think by this way because every day we compete with others. We try to apply to the best working place, we try to find the best decision of the problem. So, competition on the stadium allows us to model our problem situation and to try to solve it. I do it every time and I have good results with such way.

Also, when I play in football I can kick off my bad energy. Through the week I meet bad people who affect my life. They say bad things about me and about my job. I hate them but I can’t change the situation because they are my directors or co-workers. I can’t fight with them because it is crime. So, when I play in football I can imagine that the ball is that bad person and I can kick it.

In conclusion I want to say that I have different ways to escape from the stress. I read books, watch TV, walk and others. But the best way for me is to play in football with my friends, or between the computer if I don’t have the opportunity to meet them.

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