Eat at restaurant

TOEFL Essay Topic 13 - Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Eat at restaurant

In Japan, where I currently live, there are more and more people going out to eat at
restaurants and food stands because they do not have enough time to make meals at home
anymore. However, I personally prefer to eat my meals at home for several reasons.

Most importantly, when I make my own food at home, it is much easier to monitor the nutrition
of my meals. To take an example, there is a history of heart disease and also high blood
pressure in my family. Therefore, it is especially important that I am conscious and cautious
about the food that I put in my body. At the grocery store, I am able to check the nutritional
content on most foods that I want to buy, and I am able to determine how much protein,
calories, and saturated fat they have. While cooking, I use reduced amounts of butter, oil, and
salt. In comparison, restaurants are only concerned about the flavor of the foods they prepare,
and they tend to serve very rich dishes that are quite unhealthy. In fact, yesterday I went out
to dinner at an Indian restaurant that is close to my office and I ordered a vegetable curry dish
that was covered in a thick layer of shiny oil. I could not eat that sort of food every day
because it would be very bad for my heart. As these examples illustrate, eating at home
allows me to monitor the nutrition of my meals.

In addition, I can save a lot of money by preparing my own meals at home. Restaurants tend
to charge a lot of money for their dishes to cover costs such as rent and staff salaries, and
still make a profit. I can make similar dishes at home for a fraction of the prices that
restaurants charge. Referring back to my example above, the vegetable curry and rice dish
that I ate at the Indian restaurant yesterday cost me 1200 yen, which is about ten dollars.
That is really too much to pay for such a simple curry dish. In fact, when I went to the grocery
two weeks ago, I bought the ingredients to prepare a pot of curry. I paid less than eight
dollars for all the vegetables and curry powder, and, what is more, the pot of curry provided
me with not one but four dinners. Of course, it is not cost-effective to make one-serving
dishes for myself; however, I can make a large amount of food that can last me the entire
week. As this example illustrates, I am able to save a lot of money by cooking at home in this

In conclusion, because of my concerns about my health and saving money, I prefer to eat my
meals at home.

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