Easy to respond positively than to deliver critical thoughts about any issue

GRE Essay Topic 406 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Although it is easy to respond positively to the work of another person or group, it is far more worthwhile to give negative feedback."

Author: Basma Hashmi | Date: February 17, 2018 | Score: 5

Its considered good to response positive but healthy criticism is also carry its importance. As much as its easy to reply something back in a optimistic manner and agreeing them, harder it is to make critical remarks sometimes. many times people just tend to respond in a good way, because they d...

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Is it really easy to appreciate someone? and is it difficult to give negative feedback? In my opinion, Answer should be 'YES'. I strongly agree with the speaker's assertion. However, it can change from person to person.

Firstly, It is always easy to respond positively to the work of another person or group. Because when we appreciate someone, he ( or she ) becomes happy about that. So that we do not hesitate to appreciate someone. It's part of our Human Nature. For example, When a person or group of people give good presentation on particular topic, we respond positively to their work even though we notice some faults. Because we do not want to hurt them or we think that what they would think about us. Moreover, we avoid telling them about faults we observed, because we think that they could take wrong meaning from it.

Take same example, If we do not respond positively to their work after presentation, when everyone present there is praising them, then they could think that we become jealous of them. This can lead to the ending of relation or friendship between us. However, sometimes it is necessary to tell them their faults. Because if there is chances that they would repeat their mistake in future. If we tell them about their faults, at least they try to improve it. But, it depends on how we tell them their faults. We need to tell them politely about their mistakes, so that they will not take wrong meaning from it.

In sum, though it is not easy to give someone negative feedback ( than giving positive feedback ), we have to give it for their benefits. Also, how we tell them about their mistakes, matters a lot.

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