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GRE Essay Topic 927 - The following appeared in a memo from the chief executive of a video game company. "We have recently been offered the opportunity to buy the rights to produce a video game based on the soon-to-be-published children's book 'Squirrel Power,' by Peter Wood. While the cost of the rights is substantial and will place economic constraints on our company in the short-term, there are two reasons that the purchase of these rights will undoubtedly be a wise investment. First, Wood's last three books have been best sellers and the movie based on his first book was highly profitable. Second, the popular characters and story line in 'Squirrel Power' will save us time in developing our video game, thereby reducing our costs. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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The vice president concludes here that their company, Dura-Socks, can make more profits by not expending on a manufacturing process which increases the durability of the socks up to two years. The argument is stated in such a way that it assumes too much and fails to consider the complexities and...

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The author suggests that greater budget on advertising would make more people come to the Super Screen produced movies because the quality of the movies is not to blame. The arguments presented here to support that statement is full with holes and assumptions.

First of all, the author assumes that the report from the marketing department is absolutely correct without any hard evidence. Maybe, there is a recent trend of TV subscription implemented by that company so that people can buy that movie to watch it in TV later. The report may not have covered them. More insights about the coverage of the report, situation at the TV front should be given before assuming it to be absolute.

Furthermore, the author also faultily coorelates the percentage increase of movie reviews with the quality of the movies.To clarify, consider the hypothesis where the company provides incentives for reviewing their movies. People only give good reviews to be rewarded more and in actuality, the quality of the movies are so bad that the people have stopped going to the movie made by the compan. And, only the pretentious movie reviewers go to the movies to get rewarded. So, more background on the nature of reviews and collection system of them was needed to correctly conclude.

Moreover, the author also speculates that the content of the reviews are not reaching the audience without any concrete proof. In reality, extending the previous hypotheis, the reviews are so pretentious that even the general audience can see through them. Even if it is not that, maybe, the collection of the reviews is biased. They collect the positive reviews in greater amount to overshadow the bad quality of the movies. So, it is quite possible that the people are aware of the reviews and the quality and honesty of those reviews. More information on proof of the argument that the people are unaware of the reviews and the honesty of the reviews should be there.

From the overall analysis, we can see that the presence of those assumptions make the whole argument insubstantive and invalid.

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