Do you still remember the new bike as a present for greeting your ten years old birthday from you parents?

TOEFL Essay Topic 161 - People remember special gifts or presents that they have received. Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Do you still remember the new bike as a present for greeting your ten years old birthday from you parents?

Do you still remember the new bike as a present for greeting your ten years old birthday from you parents? Do you still remember the first rose with the love of your lover? Everyone have been received a varity of presents and gifts, and everyone have many nice memory about them. People might conserve some special presents many years untill they become old, for these presents not only represent the love,but also take them back to the past time. There are numerous reasons why I hold no confidence on them, and I would explore only a few primary ones here.

The main reason of the argument I support is that there always are a good time or a touching day behind the cherished presents.Every time we open the present conserved for a long time, we seem to come back before, at that time we are so young and have a pleasure time with friends. For example, the favorite joy will recall you the best friend in your childhood. A beatiful skirt maybe represent the time of midschool. And there so many letters and cars which recall you the time of college. All of these memory are happy time, and all of these presents are indelible.

Another reason can be seen by every persons is that gifts and presents contain the love and friendship of friends and relations.In different cultures and different coutries people express their emotions to others by presenting gifts. And every special gift has a special meaning. For example, this skirt as a gift of ten years ago is you sister send to you in the party. A peal necklace represents the love of your husband. We reserve these gifts and Love and friendship will always go with us.

In addition,receiving a gift always bring you happiness and pleasure, and give you and your friends a good time.People like to send gifts each other for congratulations or in feast days. For example, perhaps everyone has some pieces of gifts for Christmas day. Some wife will reserve the important presents for wedding.

General speaking, gift with the love and congratulations will bring you pleasure and happiness. Taking into account of all these factors, gifts and presents recall people the past good time and people will never forget them.

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