distortion of society

GRE Essay Topic 282 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The worldwide distribution of television programs and advertisements is seriously diminishing the differences among cultures."

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distortion of society

In modern world television plays important role like to provide entertaining programs , news , discoveries, cartoons and many more programs. From grandparents to young ones most off them are highly attracted by television programs. social media business is increase day by day . they provide many relevant and irrelevant advertise on television .

through television some companies marketing their product and attract people in it . some advertise are reliable but some are very bogus and adult, they impact very bad in young ones mind .children are totally off knowledge that and they watch all advertise with curiosity and get bad impact on their flourish mind.

secondly when all members are thatching tv together then by some irrelevant advertise we get ashamed like we watching some social program on tv and suddenly the advertise of deodorants and many adult and quixotic add are presenting in television then every one is getting uncomfortable with that.

thirdly some advertise having very bad vocabulary in advertise and many time they used some severely bad language so that are impacted bad in new generation .

lastly concluded that advertise are important to get change but it should be in limited and good way , provide good message and censure way .

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