Development to benefit our economy

TOEFL Essay Topic 55 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Development to benefit our economy

In order to develop the economic, our community has decided to buy a space and build something that would benefit to our economic. It could be a shopping, a theater or a hotel. In my opinion, I prefer to build a shopping mall.

To begin with, building a shopping increase the development of the community. In the shopping mall, there was a lot of commodities and clothes that we would like to buy. There was also a lot of restaurants in the shopping mall and many people would like to go to the shopping mall and have a dinner. Yet, some people would say, not everyone would purchase the clothes or the commodities every time. However ,they would also bring the crowds to the community even though they just walk by.

Secondly, a shopping mall could create a lot of work opportunities for the community. There were numerous stores in the mall, and we would need at least one client for one shop. The manager of the shopping mall could recruit the employee from community, thus, it would create a lot of work opportunities. Furthermore, we also need someone to clean up the condition in the shopping mall, as a consequent, we should have a cleaning team.

Admittedly, some people might say that it could bring us the same consequence if we build a theater or a hotel. Building a theater could attract a lot of people come to the community to watch the movie, and building a hotel could also offer a place for people to stay when they took a trip nearby the community. I do not deny the positive effect that theater and hotel bring to us. But I have another perspective of that two options. Not everyone would like to go to the theater to watch a movie, if so, probably it was most likely on weekend. And there was not always a lot of people having a trip, except for the vacation or the holidays. On the contrary, we would go to shopping mall to buy some commodities and have a dinner more frequency. So I prefer to build a shopping mall in the community.

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