TOEFL Essay Topic 28 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities. Use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion.

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In this modern era,where the newspaper,magazine and television plays a important role,to present the affairs going on all over the world.
They enlighten those facts,those issue,those controvarsy which is always hidden to the common man.

television,magzines,and other media always pay attention to the people such as public figures and celebrities,which is to some extent is correct.

Through magzine,tv and other media everyone came to know the condition,the circumstances,the problem which they are facing today.

Without the help of magazine,newspaper,amd other media we make poople familier the life of a celebrity ,and also the life of the common man.

With the help of media,tv and magazines we can share our problems,our demand ,and our future prospects.
Because,the only ways to share our view,exchange our view with the other man.

But,it sometimes becomes a big problem that tv,media and magazine shows those facts which they dont have any proof,just to become popular,which is not at all correct.because media,tv and magzines are the source of communciaton between the people if they will show false information then it will create problem for themself and problem for the other poeple.

one of the recent case happened in rajasthan,where bomb blast has happened,so may of the people where killed in the bomb blast.
media,tv and magazine coverec the live incident on television,which was very important to be that they can get help from the common people.These was the case of media,tv and magzines humanity.

But it is sometimes becomes the case of headache that media,tv and magzines presented those thing which is not at all correct.
Its always been a medias habit that they want to create the contorversy among the that they will get mixer to publish in there magzines and becomes famous,these however cause the matter of disputes among the polition,which indirectly effect the common men.

Sometimes media enlighten those facts about the public,which is needed to be known by the common people.Media covers those facts,those issue,those poblem which is necessary for the society.
In rural areas,where poeples are suffering from hunger,they are illetrate,where child labour is common,when no one want to listen there voice,there media plays a very important role.common man ask for there right through media,tv and magzine.

Most part of our universe in yet not fully developed,and poeple still living in that,magazines and tv is used to help common man,but should englighten those facts which is true.

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