Creativity is a product of the interaction of domains

GRE Essay Topic 263 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The concept of `individual responsibility` is a necessary fiction. Although societies must hold individuals accountable for their own actions, people`s behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making."

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Creativity is a product of the interaction of domains

Creativity is a product of the interaction of domains, fields and individuals. The existing body of knowledge is transmitted from domains to individuals. Creative individuals will produce innovations which the gatekeepers in the field will evaluate and only retain selected ones.

Memes carry instructions for actions and are passed through tradition, which don’t involve change. Creativity is the product of change. Different beliefs, ideas and cultural backgrounds are able to bring innovations. However, without a paradigmatic revolution, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, it’s difficult for creativity. The monopoly of knowledge also limits the creativity. Only with more changes, there will be more creativity.

Creativity also depends on the social context. If the society is receptive, material surplus, social unrest, complex and facing external threats, creativity is more likely to happen. But the authority and absolutism of a society is not good for creativity. The gatekeepers, who are specialists and the mass, can affect creativity in a society. In the meantime, money, attractiveness of the fields, difficulties in ignoring the previous efforts are also important factors that affect the creativity.

For creative individuals, motivation, knowledge, the willingness to break rules, the ability to convince others, being a master in a domain are their personal characteristics. Creative individuals should be raised as curious children, having some ethnic and family traditions that direct them to some specific domains, having enough cultural capital and so on. They are also intrinsically motivated, divergent thinkers and have two sided personality.

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