Competition has made its way into all the lanes of our society. It exists virtually in all the fields that

GRE Essay Topic 187 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Competition is ultimately more beneficial than detrimental to society."

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Competition has made its way into all the lanes of our society. It exists virtually in all the fields that could be thought of. Competition is indeed more beneficial than detrimental. Healthy competition always forebodes a quality society, which integrates in it, rational thinking individuals and...

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Today's world is characterized by it's youth. They are more intelligent, feline, competitive and impatient too. Being competitive in this twenty first century is of no harm as long as it a healthy competition. It is believed that it is competition that brings out the best in us. What is detrimental is the corruption or the disloyal people in the society. They contaminate their surrounding people which may lead to further deterioration of the system.

Being competitive is rather more beneficial to the society. It is out of competition that we evaluate ourselves, do our best and ultimately benefit the society. Picture the following scenario of a company where various employees are competing against each other for the promotion. This way they work more efficiently, sometimes before time and certainly perform their best on the day of final presentation. This way, the organization has very efficient employees that get the job done accurately.

So here, competition is advantageous for the company, its clients and ultimately the society. This argument certainly strengthens the given issue but to some extent only. If the competitors are too much into the competition, they may indulge into unfair means for the completion of the task. For example, they may bribe someone to get their job done or they may even do something that disrupts their competitor's work. Although this may make the unfair person win, but will make the true and hardworking person lose.

The above provided evidence may give away wrong message by making the wrong person win, but in the long race, he has to suffer.
However, this is out of competition that people want to win so badly that they often adopt such means only to win.

To sum up, we cannot ignore both the facets of competition. On one hand, it explores the potential of a person and on the other hand, it may take the person astray and make him indulge into the unfair means to get a job done. Hence, competition when practiced in a healthy manner will benefit the society.

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