Competition compromises or enhances the learning process in all educational levels

GRE Essay Topic 187 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Competition is ultimately more beneficial than detrimental to society."

Author: Anish Pradhan | Date: March 7, 2018 | Score: 5.5

This statement brings up that arguable issue of whether competition compromises the learning process in all educational levels or it enhances it. Definitely, it is debated that competition makes people push their limit and improve. However, failing to improve can lead to depression and ultimately...

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Whether competition or cooperation is better suited for young people to succeed Score: 4.5 March 7th, 2018 by Anish Pradhan

The statement tells us about the debatable issue of whether competition or cooperation is better suited for young people to succeed in government, industry or any other fields. Indeed, competition seems to be a good choice as it can push people to their edges to do better in those fields. However, failing to beat the competition can lead to severe depression and cripple the emotional growth. Therefore, I agree with the perspective that the sense of cooperation, not competition, is necessary for the young population to succeed in any field.

First of all, by cooperation, more than one person can grow simultaneously and learn from each others' mistakes and cooperation encourages sharing of knowledge and experience, which is very beneficial to everyone. To clarify, let us consider a group of engineering students preparing for the subject 'Wireless Communication' which has a vast coverage of syllabus. Covering the whole syllabus by one person is not as effective as partitioning the work and each person learns a specific part of the syllabus and sharing the knowledge among each other. In this case, all of the students score fairly in that exam and succeed. By only understanding the notion of being a true team player, one can understand the complexities of leadership and improve. In the example, all of the students now understand how to be a team player and can see from the perspective of a team player when they go in a leadership position. As a result, I suppose that cooperation is a much better element for making young people better in leadership.

Furthermore, whereas cooperation does not spread the concept of hate and disintegrity, competition may. For example, the news of students comitting suicide and inflicting harm to other peers directly or indirectly are very common. Failing to surpass a competition may lead to depression and self harm. Even if they do not go to such distances, taking unfair means or pushing someone out of the competition unethically is also common. This compromises the integrity of the student and also the quality of leader in them.

Indeed, one can argue that competition leads to faster growth and for gaining the leadership position, competition is essential. But, people do not consider the fact that the faster growth gained by competition is temporary and it carries a risk of complacency. In presence of low competition, one can be complacent easily and can stop to improve which leads to failure in future. And, competiting to get the leadership position also carries the risk of being unethical by obsession on beating competition by any means as discussed in the previous paragraph. This is why, the arguments supporting competition fails to be adequate.

From the overall analysis, I completely agree with the statement that cooperation is an essential value to be instilled in the new generation to make them prepared to lead any field.

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