Children should study in coeducational schools

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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Some parents think that their children should study in only-boys or girls schools, while others think that their children should study in coeducational schools. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that boys and gir...

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The relationship between parents and their child is crucial. In this respect, parents need to have good qualities. In my opinion, two of the most important qualities of a good parent are kindness and strictness.

To begin with, parents have to kind to their children. Children sometimes face difficult situation when they try something valuable to them. In such a situation, the best thing parents can do is to encourage the children. For example, when I was senior student at secoundary high school, I wanted to become a professional baseball player. However, I injured my back at the beginning of the season, and I was not able to play throughout the season. This was hardship to me, but my father encouraged me almost everyday. Although I could not have become a professional player after all, thanks to his advice and encouragement, I could play baseball at collage. This experience makes me believe that kindness is very important quality of a good parent.

Secondly, good parents are strict about their own rules. They keep and carry out their own words. The strictness seems to have something in common with a sense of responsibility and respect to others. When I was a junior student at Tokyo university, my mother became addicted to alchol. Then, since I was also used to drink too much, we made promiss to refrain from alchol for our health. At first, she seemd to keep her word. I was not aware of her breaking the promiss for about a year, but after I started to work, it soon became obvious that she damages her health because of beer. She is undoutedly a kind person and I respect her from the bottom of my heart, but I also think she should keep her word. I hope she does her best to get out of the addictedness of alchol. She needs to be strict about the promiss with me to become an ideal and respectful parent.

In conclusion, kindness and strictness are the qualities of a good parent. That is because they should encourage their children when the children are in a hard situation, and because they have to keep their good health.

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