Children Need of good behaviour for the society

IELTS Essay Topic 1063 - In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to follow rules?

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Children Need of good behaviour for the society

People in different nation follow various rules in deal with children behaviour.Some countries have strict rules upon the youngster while other Nations have no strict rules.This essay is an attempt unveil the true that children must be controlled by the rules.

First and foremost,children should abide by the rules given by the nation. This eventually help the young ones aware of what is right and wrong. To delve into, children are the future of the world they should be taught rules from there pre school level. Besides that,ethical and moral values are important expressly how to behave with elders, parents teachers,peer groups and so on.It has been proven that a child grow up in strict rules makes a good individual for the society. There are more to be exploded.

Last but not the least,Children are the pioneer of future.To be more clear if children do not follow the rules of society it cannot Run smoothly this will reflect in the lives of people and thus there life will be disturbed. it has been proven that family life.It has been reported that,their children did not listen to the parents and refute their parents. In addition to that,family is the first school for learning behaviour and parents are the first teacher.

To succinctly sums up, children should we have strict rules of behaviour and this will help them to leave in a right path and shaping the future.For the long run every nation should ecourage rules of behaviour for the benifical of better society.

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