TOEFL Essay Topic 133 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person`s childhood years (the time from birth to twelve years of age) are the most important years of a person`s life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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I totally agree with the idea that people's childhood times are the most valuable of our life. There are some strong reasons to support this statement. First, as you are young, you have a lot of fresh experiences because you don't have many knowledge about what you see. Everytime you feel some...

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Topic133_2 Score: 4.5 November 8th, 2017 by takashi

Whereas some people say the generation, a person’s childhood years is essential for his life because the period has a significant influence on the person’s personality, others think more mature age is the main ages for his life because people need to make a big decision in their career. In my opinion, the childhood years is the most significant of a person’s life because in this period the person’s interests, the person’s identity, and the person’s friends in life would appear.
First, in the childhood years, it is no denying that a person learns various kinds of new things which affect his interests. Everything he sees, listens to, or eats is new to him, and in most cases, he has learned to understand what is comfortable, what is interesting, and what is tasty. Those experiences are significant for his future because the interests he finds in this period will never change, in general, even if his occasion would alter completely. Despite the increasing interests as he grows up, the foundation is determined in his childhood years.
Second, the creation of a person’s identity happens in this generation. Of course, the identity is not enough to complete as one man, but the fundamental character, such as whether they can obtain, or not, a communication skill, an ability to understand other people’s thoughts or respect for others, is created in this period. For instance, young children have many chances to communicate with others in daily life. They talk with friends, ask teachers for help to solve problems, or just say hello to their neighbors. In those situations, they unintentionally train themselves how well they can communicate with others in this period and those experiences result in the improved communication ability. Therefore, taking the identity created in this generation into account, it is fundamental to his life.
Third, they can get a lot of friends in this years. Those friends stimulate each other every day, and they get to know others profoundly. In the lifespan, we can indeed make friends, but there is a difficulty in considering the social relationship with such friends, such as their careers, their position in the business, or their gender. However, in the childhoods years, he can make real friends because he does not have to pay unnecessary attention to such factors.
On the whole, everyday young children in the generation have more kinds of new experiences that enrich their lives than elderly generations. From my point of view, the childhood years has the most crucial influence on the person’s life because he would find his interests, his identity, and his faithful friends in the period.

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