Cheese import reduction

GRE Essay Topic 977 - The following appeared in a memo from the president of a chain of cheese stores located throughout the United States. "For many years all the stores in our chain have stocked a wide variety of both domestic and imported cheeses. Last year, however, the five best-selling cheeses at our newest store were all domestic cheddar cheeses from Wisconsin. Furthermore, a recent survey by Cheeses of the World magazine indicates an increasing preference for domestic cheeses among its subscribers. Since our company can reduce expenses by limiting inventory, the best way to improve profits in all of our stores is to discontinue stocking many of our varieties of imported cheese and concentrate primarily on domestic cheeses. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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Cheese import reduction

The author in the above argument is discussing about increasing profit of a chain of a cheese store in United Satates.He states that their top five best selling cheeses are types domestic cheddar cheese.So,the author assumes that discontinuing imported cheese will increase the profit of the stores.

First of all,United States is one of the countries that features great diversity in people which means variety of culture and ethinicities.This clearly calls for different types of food preferences and variety of ingredients required to make different cuisines e.g its the cheeses that makes Italian food unique.Similarly,Mexican and American dishes also require cheeses of their own types.Idea is to understand the need of variety of imported and exported cheeses to be easily available.

Secondly,author relies on the results based on survey of subscribers which is completely unsatisfactory.Many people around the country don’t subscribe but their opinion and preference is just as important.Therefore,detailed data of preference is of prime importance before making any decision to cut the imported goods from the stores.

Furthurmore,besides considering preferences to different cheeses it is fundamental to acknowledge the fact that many people expect variety of cheeses to be available in any good store.So,variety of imported cheeses besides local cheddar cheese will add popularity of the store and hence increasing the profit.Also,adding increased stock of domestic cheese would also be a great contribution for store profit.

Therefore,increasing the profit of a store needs detailed study of people preferences and expectations as wholesome.Merely just stop selling imported cheese might end up losing the sales.

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