TOEFL Essay Topic 22 - We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. In your opinion, what are some important characteristics of a co-worker (someone you work closely with)? Use reasons and specific examples to explain why these characteristics are important.

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Even though some people think otherwise, in my opinion there’re some features of a collegue, which is mentioned below.

First, if the worker have a good skill in their sphere this condition is very essential when they devote to some business with others. In many cases they have to play a role especially related to their major sphere. For example, when I was a university student, we had to finish our assignment in our class together. At that time, we divided the work to the parts and the members accepted these parts which is deeply related to their major. So when you do work with your colleagues, your sophisticated knowledge will help you to deal with your given assignment.

Second, better communication ability is desired for good co-workers. Communicating well, your team can really achieve the problem. When my grandfather was dead, our family had a difficult time because we should tackle many troubles among his funeral. However, my mother made a lot of chances to discuss and talk about these obstacles with each others, so we succeded in overcoming the sevire moments. This instance indicates that talking is inevitable when we cooperate, so splendid co-workers have to express their though well.

Third, for workers with others tender personality is needed importantly. Working toghter is sometimes stressful because taking long time to act together makes you find others faults. In worst case, you may become to hate the person. So kind personality will improve your working condition because other workers feels comfortable for you and will be willing to help your tasks. In short, your kind behaviors always make your relationships to friends better.

In my conclusion, these important ableness are essential for co-workers; a good skill, well communication, kindness. Then, these factors might make their enviroment for cooperating with someone on their business.

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