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TOEFL Essay Topic 140 - Some items (such as clothes or furniture) can be made by hand or by machine. Which do you prefer - items made by hand or items made by machine? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your choice.

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Cell phone

 Some people say that if you are a traveler you should change the life style during your travelling. However, it is stressful to me to shift from daily usual life to unusual life for a year. Therefore, if I have to leave home for a year and I can take only one additional thing besides clothing and personal care items, I will take my mobile phone. There are several reasons to support my idea.
 First, I am bad at understanding maps especially of new places. When I went to China, I forgot to pick up my mobile phone from the hotel and there was no choice for me other than using local paper maps, because I was not be able to speak Chinese at that time and was not be able to ask pedestrian which way I should go. At the same time, I remembered that I had a dinner with my friend Tony in China and I tried to go the restaurant with maps. However, I was not accustomed to reading the map or understanding the location where I was on paper, I was not able to see my friend on that day. My friend was angry, because he took holiday to have a dinner with me and I regretted not to pick up my mobile phone at that time. If I have a mobile phone, I can use GPS and easily visit anywhere I want to go.
 Second, it is my daily routine to talk with my wife and the conversation with her helps me to relieve all my stress. If I cannot hear her voice, it will make me discourage and I will not be able to concentrate on the trip. Moreover, I promised my wife that I took time for communicating with her every day when I asked her to marry me. Even if I am far away from her, I do not want to break my promise.
 Finally, these days the quality of mobile phones becomes higher and higher. Most of things could be searched by using google and I cannot imagine the life without such a convenience tool. I can manage and solve a lot of things just by checking the web site through cell phone. For example, the quality of camera of mobile phone is high and I can use cell phone instead of digital camera to take photos. Since my mobile phone connects to the cloud service on the web site, I can store images on the web site and can access them from anywhere.
To sum up, without doubt I will bring my cell phone to travel, not only because it is convenient and useful to spend a comfortable time while I am out of my house, but also it is essential to keep contact with my wife.

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