Boys and girls

TOEFL Essay Topic 77 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Boys and girls

Some people think that mixed education is the best, while the others think that girls and boys should not go to the same school. In my opinion I like it helps us to know many things about life between girls and boys. It helps us to know how to deal with others, and it helps increase healthy compitetion.

First of all, mixed education is very important to boys and girls because it provides a big experience to each. Co-education makes boys and girls know each other, and makes them learn how to deal together . This education gives an opportunity for both genders to mature and learn methods of commuincating in a professional means.

Further more, mixed education makes boys and girls deal with each other in a joint context. It is no good to try to stop mixed education from going forward. Seperate education is never better than mixed education . This situation makes them know how they think and how they deal with problems in different way. So in the future young people will be able to handle each other at work and in their personal life.

More over, this type of education allows healthy challenge between different students. This type of education makes challenges between pupils so they are interesting in challenging each other. Mixed education makes a construtive spirit. This is a good way for the co-education and when this happens young people learn faster and in more effective ways. This healthy environment will enable the schools to produce generations of successful graduates who will impact the development of their country in a positive way.

In a nut shell, mixed education is very important and crucial to know how boys and girls deal together. It helps them create challenge that leads to a better future. That is why mixed education plays a vital role between boys and girls. If mixed education can create problems, it is not through seperate education that we can solve the but through investigation and research.

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