Best way to teach

GRE Essay Topic 272 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Governments should provide funding for artists so that the arts can flourish and be available to all people."

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Best way to teach

Teaching has various methods. Some people may assume that ignoring negative actions of a child would help them because they will not be frustrated. In my opinion, however, the best way to teach is to consider negative actions as well as praising their positive ones. My reasons are stated as follows.

First, by hiding and ignoring negative actions and weaknesses of a student, the student will be deprived of this chance to realize his or her weakness in order to find a way to augment his or her weakness. Take my own experience as an example, while I was a child, I was so brilliant and all the time my grades were A, but I was so rude and did not care about the rights of my classmates. For example, I always asked questions from my teacher without permission because I thought it was my right as the top student. As a consequence, one day my teacher told me about my rude behavior and she even punished me. Since then I learned that I should respect to other ones’ rights in society. Obviously, my teacher’s approach to my behavior helped me to shape my characteristic better. Otherwise, I still had that bad behavior and I could not compromise with other people in my job or in my university, I did not have the ability to start and develop a relationship with other people just if my teacher ignored my selfish behavior based on my good grades.

Admittedly, sometimes focusing on negative actions of a child may followed by bad consequences such as frustration or even aggression in the course of time. Children who are always being criticized on a regular basis while they do not get the adequate praise for their positive actions may have some psychological problems in the future. They may even tend to delinquency in the course of time. Some thing which is very important to consider is that we should have the ability to make a balance between praising positive actions and considering negative ones.

To sum up, I hold the view that we should also consider negative actions of a child as well as praising his or her positive actions Because by having such a policy we would provide a context for children to explore their weaknesses and help them to become successful in future.

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