Benefits of living in small town

TOEFL Essay Topic 9 - Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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Benefits of living in small town

Everyone has its own desires to live, some people prefer big cities but others choose small town to live. Nowdays, money has changed priorities but live for money is not a good choice. Inspite of the access to a lot of facilities, services and job opportonities in big cities, they are crowed and very polluted too. On the other hand their are a lot of lacks to satisfy needs in small town but they are peaceful places. Instead of live a short busy life, healthy life is the better choice.

Big cities are covered by pollution. Noises, psychological and health problems are combined with everyday life there. When a city grows, these problems are indispensable. Lack of peaceful environment is the biggest challenges to live in big and crowded places. life quality is engaged by calmness and satisfaction. According to the recent studies people of country side are live longer and the satisfaction there are higher than capital cities. In small towns, life is simpler and you are closer to nature. In spite of limited services and facilities there, one can travel to centers once per week to supply needs. On other hand by empty online services everyone can find things they need and reach their goals. So small places can be a good choice by using alternatives to satisfy needs.

Job opportunities are found profoundly in big cities but its is not mean that you can not find proper job in small towns. By considering lack of services in smaller cities, one can find its inspiring activities and launch a new business there to fulfill these empty places. It is true that incomes centers are higher than small towns but expenses are the same. in big cities you may receive more money but should spend more to live there, so the financial balance are almost the same. Jobs are found everywhere in societies but it is depended on personal skill to how to apply them.

To sum up, although there are some limits and difficulties to live in a small town but there are alternatives and solutions to address this problems. Live peaceful life with satisfaction is more probable to find in towns to big cities.

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