Basic to any understanding of the success is the perfect decision that made before the beginning of the work. So,

TOEFL Essay Topic 55 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Basic to any understanding of the success is the perfect decision that made before the beginning of the work. So, making the decision is the key, especially the important decision. How to make a decision? Alone or with other people? In my point of view, a person should never make an important dec...

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Lessons for young students including video games Score: 4.5 November 18th, 2017 by Tsao Hsiang

Nowadays, many people are debating an interesting question. Whether it is an effective way for young students to learn some lessons include video games? Some people say, it can provoke students interest in the lesson include video games, while others indicate that it will distract young student in study. In my opinion, I think it is an effective and interesting way for students to lean.

First an foremost, include the video games, the student might be more concentrate in the lesson. According to the theory, it says that people will pay more time we the things they like. Similarly, if the students love to play the video game, it also means that they spend more time in study. For example, in my country, the teacher always suggest us a kind of video game that we can learn the vocabulary by puzzling. Yet, some people say that the students will indulge in the video games but ignore the lessons. However, we will encourage the young students to play the video games that are strongly relate to the the lessons.

Secondly, learning by the video game, we can also enforce the students spirit’s of cooperation. Cooperation is an important lesson in our life, many parents expect their children become a person that can work with other people. For young students, they are always self-centered, and always neglect the feeling of other people. However, if they are assigned to a team, they need to communicate with his teammates, so they can solve the problems. Moreover, it is really helpful to the students when they enter the company one day, sometimes it can also save us a lot of time by working together. As a result, I think learning by the video game is to some extent helpful to their work in the future.

True, some people might say lessons for young children include video games is distracting and wasting time. To begin with, children in age 5 to 8 usually lacks self control, if the video games are use in the classroom, it might be very noisy and most of them will out of control. However I do not agree with it, because the video games are not aim to “playing” or “entertaining.” Besides, the games are usually challengeable, so the students might be very concentrate because they want to figure out the questions as fast as they can, and they can win the game. Therefore, in my opinion, learning lessons include video games is an effective way.

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