Automobiles are a boon

TOEFL Essay Topic 70 - Some people think that the automobile has improved modern life. Others think that the automobile has caused serious problems. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Mobility is one of the prime reasons why human civilisation has grown so fast. Had man remained a two legged creature to roam about in the jungle such civilization development would not have been possible. The invention of wheel is rightly considered to be one of the milestone in the progress of ...

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Modern transportation Score: 4.5 July 23rd, 2017 by Tanaka

There are advantages and disadvantages on the development of modern transportation and shipping. I believe that the merits far overweigh the demerits so I support the idea that modern transportation and shipping has made the world a better place to live based on below two reasons and one counter reasons. First of all, it was a big benefit that the modern transportation and shipping had contributed to the advance of economic trade and growth. Transportation and shipping made it easier to transport and carry goods and people which lead to the progress of economic activitites. As the example of this, let me explain about the development of the United States in 19th centuries. To develop and cultivate the land from East to West, United States established locomotive trains on land and ship on river and sea. These transportation way greatly contributed to the development of West side. In other words, without such locomotive rails and vessels, the United States could not achieve such high development in the short time period. Another example tells that, in 16th centurry, many of European countires like Spain, Britain, tried to explored the world and they conveyed goods and people to all over the globe. This action result in the finding of the United States and its development. Also, European people were very benefited of the resouced they found in the American and Asian continent. They are the good example of economic development thanks to transportation development. Secondly, transportation and shipping enables people to communicate and being mixed which resulted in creating new culture and globalization, under which we are creating more values and benefit in global basis. For instance, industrial revolution which resumed in England spread in all over the world owing to the transportational way. People, goods, and technology mixed together and created new culture and economic development all around the world. They were really necessary to to spread cultures and technological advances. As the reasult of this, now we are in globalization era which is wide diversed of culture. Some people may argue that modern transportation and shipping has adverse effect like they had broke up indigenous people life(including the conquest of old world) and cased pollution for environment. While these facts are true to some extent, that is, transportatinal way requires many material like tree and coal which sometimes lead to the devastation of natural environment. Also, we have so many histories of conquor of indigenous people and culture. Even though these aspects are importatnt and negative part of the development of transportation, I still consider that the merits like economic development has benefited more people. Thus I would like to insisit that, by comparing the merits and demerits, modern transportation has bigger advantages amd made the world a better place. As the conclusion, I thik that the modern transportation and shipping had changed the world to a better place because they provided us a big economic development and globalization era.

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