Money and public recognition

Public recognition and money are two important factors that affect people’s life. Public recognition brings happiness, and some people believe it is more important than the increase of their own money, because they hold the opinion that public recognition can make people work harder. But in fact, I would argue that public recognition is less […]


Lectures and discussions

Some people may prefer otherwise. However, I prefer classes which are based on lectures and do not include any discussions. I want to explain detailed reasons for my statement in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, I prefer to listen to lectures of professors in order to acquire the basis of the each subject. I […]



In this argument, the author concludes that Buckingham College should build new dormitories. To support his conclusion, he points out that according to the current trend, the enrollment will double over the next 50 years, so building more dormitories will meet this trend. In addition, the average price in the town has risen, so it […]


More or less?

By and large, it is established beyond doubt that education is one of the key essences for achieving prosperity in society. Due to its importance, myriad educational approaches have been conceived and tried, with only a few proved to be comparatively superior than others. One major argument can be made concerning the variety of knowledge […]


Pre-made or Homemade

In today’s “working bee” society, where efficiency is emphasized, basic human activities such as “eating” seem to have lost its priority. However it may be important for a healthy lifestyle, this biological necessity is often dismissed as a waste of time. One of the contributing factors to this phenomenon is food being less associated with […]



Thanks to the advance of technology, people’s lives have changed dramatically in the last century. The development of transportation systems such as automobiles, bicycles, and airplanes is especially a drastic change. However, I strongly believe that among these transportation vehicles, airplanes have changed our lives most. There are several reasons to support my opinion. First […]


Making important decision with other people

When you have to decide an important decision, what are you going to do? Some people consider their choices alone, and other people may consult their aquaintances such as friends, family members, and teachers. In my opinion, people should not make their decisions alone because of following reasons. Discussing other people is beneficial to have […]


Make a decision

People sometimes have to make a very significant decision that change their lives. Some people say that they should make such determinants by themselves since they relate directly to them. However, I strongly believe that people should never make an important decision alone. I have some reasons to support my opinion. First and foremost, the […]