Sports and social activities

When it comes to the topic whether sports and social activities at universities are equally important as classes, different people hold different opinion. Some people believe the formers are just as important as the later, others don’t think so. From my prospective, I believe it is true the two should receive equal financial support. The […]


Long hours’ work is better more

I am agree that at universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. The reason contain that sports are also a part of our life, social activities make our life more interesting and not only study in the class or library but […]


Youth has new idea

There should be much discussion on whether the young can teach the old. Some would say that younger people are not able to give valuable information to the more aged people since they lack experience. However, I cannot entirely agree with this statement. I believe that the younger people can give useful knowledge to the […]


Should laws be flexible

There should be a lot of discussions on whether the laws should be flexible or not. Some would say that the regulation should be modified for reflecting the recent situation. I will agree with this idea. However, the lines of law should not be changed frequently, I also believe. So, what should we do with […]



I disagree with the idea that games are as important for adults as they are for children. There are two reasons for this; time and money. The first reason why games are not important for adults is that games may be too interesting to do anything but playing games. These days, games are evolving and […]


The widespread use of the internet

The widespread use of the internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before. How does this increase in the availability of information influence life in today’s world? The internet has shaped the way people live in modern society. Some people believe that the internet has mostly equalized the accessibility of […]


Experiences vs. Books

Undoubtedly there is lots of knowledge in books. From science to language, books almost contain all of the knowledge on earth. Comparing the knowledge from books with the knowledge from experiences, I think the knowledge from experiences is more important because the knowledge from books may be easily outdated and hard to use. Writing a […]


A new restaurant in our neighbourhood

Those who think that a new restaurant near home is highly convenient may agree to the idea to built the restaurant neighbourhood. However, I strongly oppose the announce that a new restaurant is to be constructed near my home area according to the following reasons. To begin with, a new restaurant raises noise around a […]