Things people do in their free time

People believe that during their recess time they can rest in their house doing nothing but sleeping and grab plenty of rest. However, in my opinion, I believe that people should be spending their free time outside their house rather than staying in their own home. I feel this way for two main reasons which […]


Saluda natural spring water

In this argument the author concludes that drinking Saluda Natural Spring Water (SNSW) is preferable to drinking tap water. Three reasons are offered in support of this conclusion: SNSW contains several of the minerals necessary for good health, it is completely tree of bacteria, and residents of Saluda—the town where it is bottled—are hospitalized less […]


Saluda natural spring water

The author concludes that drinking Saluda Natural Spring water instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health. The argument is based on the following two facts: 1) laboratory studies show that the spring water contains several of minerals which are necessary for good health; 2) the people who live in the small […]


Grades are helpful for students to learn

Some people think that they can study by themselves and competing with other based on the grades is not meaningless. However, in my opinion, I agree with the opinion that grades are helpful for students to learn. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


Human activities on the Earth

Recent years, people have been more diverse, and they have different opinions as to the effect of human activities on the Earth. Some may thing that our activities have damaged our planet, whereas others believe that human activities have contributed to transforming the plant into better place to live. However, I think that human activities […]


Rules of behavior

Recent decades have witnessed a great deal of positive alterations in the overall contour of established norms in our societies of what acceptable conduct should mean and how children must be treated in relation to such norms of behaviour. The science of psychology in particular has contributed a great deal to our somehow metamorphosed understanding […]


Grades do encourage students to learn

As modern education continues to become more and more liberal in character, the usefulness of grades as a form of assessment has been called into question. Personally, though, I believe that grades do encourage students to learn. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, […]


Temple of the Reclining Buddha

During the holidays, I visited an interesting and peaceful place, Temple of the Reclining Buddha. My eyesight was firstly caught by the blooming winter sweets planting on both sides of the thin dirt path. Stood under the grey sky, silence surrounded me. I enjoyed the peaceful feeling the temple gave me. Walking down the path, […]


Hard work

Some people think that hard work is crucial to succeed on their duty while others consider that luck is the most important to achieve something. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I agree with the idea that people succeed because of hard work and luck has nothing to […]


Soy protein

The fortification of nutrition is one of common strategies for cereal companies, and some customers have been convinced to the advertisement related to health. The course of president’s thought is, however, too simplistic to have the increase of profit guaranteed. There are three big holes in his argument. First, the health benefit of soybean might […]