As we know,studying is a process to acquire knowledge. In order to be proficient in handling something, we have to

TOEFL Essay Topic 184 - Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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As we know,studying is a process to acquire knowledge. In order to be proficient in handling something, we have to

As we know,studying is a process to acquire knowledge. In order to be proficient in handling something, we have to concentrate on what we are pursuing. Some students hold the opinion that studying with others is superior to studying alone. Others, however, contradict this opinion. According to my personility and fondness, I prefer to studying alone.

It is obvious that studying with a group of students has one or two advantages to some extent. It can give you opportunity to discuss with others, to learn good studying habbits of other students. Also, you will have a feeling that everyone is working hard and that feeling can stimulate you to proceed.

Nonetheless, considering the efficiency and character shaping, I reckon that studying alone has more advantageous. The first and farmost reason is that studying alone can teach me how to solve a problem alone. Without the help of others, I have to pick up dictionary, consult on some related references, which is a good training for my future jobs.

Another reason why I advocate the idea of studying alone is that it can shap our character. To be alone is a kind of occasion which we have to fall across in our life. How to cope with it is a good personality. By lonely studying, we will understand that we must figure out puzzles around us by ourselves. When, I was a child, my father always made me stuying alone in a separated room, noone helping me. After I entered the University to continue my study, I realize that this kind of studying habit help me be familiar with the life of college in no time.

Taking into acount of all these factors, we may safely arrive at the conclusion that studying alone carry more weight than that of studying with your friends.

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