As a student in university, I can live in the dormitory or live alone. Someone thinks it is better to

TOEFL Essay Topic 184 - Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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As a student in university, I can live in the dormitory or live alone. Someone thinks it is better to

As a student in university, I can live in the dormitory or live alone. Someone thinks it is better to live in the dormitory, but someone does not think so. Both patterns of living in the dormitory and living alone present advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion, I prefer living in the dormitory to living alone.

The main reason I choose to live in the dormitory is I can learn how to get along well with each other. I am the only child in my family and my parents love me much, so I am self-centered in my life more or less and I do not know how exactly to deal with the complex social relationship between peoples. Living in the dormitory with the roommates, I gradually pay attention to my words and behaviors and make them not disturb the others. I learn to listen to the others, share things with them, help them as possible as I can and no longer just think of myself. I feel happy because I make many friends and become livelier by doing so. If I live alone, it is no use of improving my ability in social relationship and maybe I will stuffier than before.

It may be also note that it can save money when I live in the dormitory because the costs of living will be shared with the roommates. But I will afford the cost by myself if I live alone. It is well known that the costs of living are much cheaper in the dormitory, and I am a student, still a consumer and I have no income. It is hard to afford it. So, there is an another factor effect my choice.

Moreover, I can learn to care about others while living in the dormitory. If I live alone, I may not care about whether my room is neat or not, whether my things are in order or not, whether my bed cover need to be washed or not and so on. However, I live in the dormitory, with my roommates, I sure I will care about them. Because I care the opinions of the others, they will know me through my room, my bedcover, my things and so on. I need to remain a good impression to the others.

Given the factors I have just outlined, it is wiser to live in the dormitory for me.

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