Are parents the best teacher? We almost begin to learn form our parents the moment we were born . And

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Are parents the best teacher? We almost begin to learn form our parents the moment we were born . And

Are parents the best teacher? We almost begin to learn form our parents the moment we were born . And some scientist even pointed that actually a baby begins to learn form its parents as in the mothers bally. So its clearly parents are the first and very important teacher, but is that directly mean they are the best teacher? Actually I do not think so.

Parents may teach us a great variety of knowledge; form how to speak the first word to how to talk with others politely; form how to eat to how to be an excellent cook; form how to make self-protection to how to take the responsibility to the society. What we learned form our parents almost can cover every corner of our life. But as the parents are apparently cannot be the experts in each of the areas, so they are unlikely to be the best teacher. Usually we learned how to speak the form our parents though the daily life, but if we want to be a good professional speechmaker, we still need adjust and refine our pronunciation under the direction of the phonetist or go to the university to take some professional trainings. So the best of speaking is not the parents and this is always the same as in other areas pointed above.

Secondly, some times parents do not teach the kids according to their personality and interest but on their own will .Too many times, I saw the situation a girl had been forced to learn to play piano all the day for many years by the mother who dreamed to be a pianist when young, but actually what the girl herself really want to do is to learn draw or some thing else. Then the learning will become an irksome job and the result is usually unsatisfied.

Thirdly, as the parents especially in some poor development countries their own knowledge are very limited, so they are not qualified to be even a teacher, not to said the best teacher. For example, in the some small villages of south china above 80% per of the adults are uneducated, they even do not know how to write the name of their own. How can this kind of parents to teach their kids.

No doubt parents teach us much knowledge and they are definitely one of our most important teachers in our life. But take all things into account they are not usually to be the best teacher.

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