Almost in every modern society, grades play an import role in assessing students` academic ability.There are all kinds of tests

TOEFL Essay Topic 72 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Almost in every modern society, grades play an import role in assessing students` academic ability.There are all kinds of tests to winnow out weak students. Knowledge itself is so complicate and vast, each one of the test usually can`t cover every aspect of it. So I wonder whether grades can real...

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Public recognition and money are two important factors that affect people's life. Public recognition brings happiness, and some people believe it is more important than the increase of their own money, because they hold the opinion that public recognition can make people work harder. But in fact, I would argue that public recognition is less essential than money increase. Money is much more useful, and public recognition may sometimes lead to a decrease of work efficiency.

In the first place, money is more practicable for people than the public recognition. Because money is the fundament of life, and almost everything in one's life is related to money, such as food, house and entertainment. For instance, every meal we eat costs money, such as the delicious bread and milk, and the colorful fruit we enjoyed every time after dinner. In the contrast, public recognition does not bring anything real to us. Public recognition is just an emotion felt by people themselves in the mind. It cannot make you have better clothes to wear or have better food to eat.

Aside from practicability, public recognition is not as stable as money. Money is always their unless people spend it. But actually, public recognition is quite easy to disappear because this kind of feeling is taken to people by other people but not by themselves. Take an employee in a computer company and his or her teammates for instance. An employee can get public recognition by solving a difficult bug in the code, but he or she is also taking the risk of losing it once he or she makes mistakes, and people would not be respectful as before.

More importantly, public recognition does not necessarily lead to a good result. Public recognition can even be harmful when people do not really understand their condition. There is one of my friends in my class. He once answered a difficult question about relativity in physics class, and the teacher and students though he is good. But actually it is by chance, and he began to believe he is good at physics due to other people's reaction. And finally he failed the final exam.

In conclusion, public recognition may not be as good as many people think, and sometimes money can serve as a more important role in people's life due to its utility.

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