After pondering this question on many occasions. I finally reached the opinion that sometimes is better not to tell the

TOEFL Essay Topic 10 - When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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After pondering this question on many occasions. I finally reached the opinion that sometimes is better not to tell the

After pondering this question on many occasions. I finally reached the opinion that sometimes is better not to tell the truth. In some cases, the truth is going to hurt someone and a negative result will occur. Although there are some occasions that a person needs to know the truth in order to make an important decision, not telling truth in some circumstances will be the best choice for the person being told.

The main reason why I agree with the above statement, evidentially, is that the truth sometimes can hurt someones feeling, no matter it is a good news or bad news. We may quote a common example of that if someone has said something nasty about a person, those words do not need to be repeated. Similarly, if a person told a shameful secret to a friend and the friends has told the secret to others, that can cause distress to his feeling and he, as a result, can not trust her friend any more. That is a lose- lose situation.

What is also worth noticing fact is for reasons of health. In China, traditionally, the doctors and family members never tell the real diagnose to a very sick person. They always make up good news in order to let the patient relax. Sometimes, not disease kills the patient but the anxiety and fright. Since the truth for a person is so cruel that he will give up his hope and self-defending power. In this case, if we know the truth will threaten a persons life, but should we still tell the truth due to the honesty? Obviously, it is better sometimes not tell the truth.

Moreover, sometimes telling truth can destruct a persons self-confidence and self- esteem. That can lead to the failure in his career.

A particular striking example is that I was not a beautiful girl compared with my elder sister and I would often stay at home alone instead of playing with other children because I felt that nobody would like me. But my mother always told me I was her most beautiful girl and my little eyes were very bright like the stars. That kind of nice lie helped me build my self-confidence and gradually feel comfortable to communicate with others. Now, I am a successful telecommunication engineer. No wonder, if my mother just told the truth to me, the lower self- esteem would occur and the result would affect on my whole life.

All reliable evidences point to one saying that sometime is better not to tell truth. Since it will hurt ones feeling, threaten ones life and destruct ones career. Not telling the truth in some specific situations cannot keep us from being an honest person but from being a distructor.

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