Academic disciplines

GRE Essay Topic 194 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Academic disciplines have become so specialized in recent years that scholars` ideas reach only a narrow audience. Until scholars can reach a wider audience, their ideas will have little use."

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Academic disciplines

The issue argued that academic disciplines have become so specialized and focus in one area, the demographic of a scholar’s idea can reach only a small group of people, and the idea is little use until it reaches larger audience. Although I agree with that the academic field is running deeper and deeper, the idea is never little use even when it is only exposed to small population, it only needs to reach to the right audience. For example, one person can have great idea for public education, the scholar with the idea does not need to go to public and shout out his innovative idea, he just need the authorities such as government bureau responsible for public education or to the school’s principals to share his ideas with. In this case, even just a small people received the idea, they can contribute to real changes and thus lead to greater impact to all.

Furthermore, the even one idea is shared with limited people initially, generally an idea can be an inspiration for another novel idea, and the loop continues, then you end up with many people with many ideas where the influence can be exponential after just a short periods of time. This happens quite a lot in the art industry, where an art piece can be an inspiration for so many other followers, and they each develop their own style of artistic creation fused with one’s individual concepts and expression techniques, thus make the whole art community vivid and exciting.

Therefore, we should never be discouraged when our idea were not taken by the mass at the beginning, and nor should we be judging one idea’s value solely based on it’s audience size. We should, on the other hand, be expecting new ideas or new practices can develop from our idea and be excited to see how it turns out.

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