Abandon all homework

TOEFL Essay Topic 68 - Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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Abandon all homework

There are many teachers and some styles of teaching to students in the world, Some teachers give daily homework to their students, whereas others do not do so. In my view, there is no need to assign homework to students every day. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, we can not understand knowledge by solving problems given by teachers. When I was a high school student, teachers gave a lot of homework to me to pass the examinations of famous universities. I always solve all of them, however, my scores were not so good. But after I decided to learn by myself to enter the Univ. of Tokyo, the most famous and difficult university in Japan, I suddenly marked on great scores. From the experience above, I belive that we can understand knowledge only if we learn things by ourselves.

Second, the homework is not made for specific purpose. Each students has different purpose. For example, one wants to learn specialized chemical knowlede while another wants majored mathematical knowledge. But teachers do not make them into consideration because they want to give their students common knowledge, not specialized knowledge.

Third, to watch homework submitted by students is considerable work for teachers. If a class has fifty people, the teacher have to check the answers of fifty papers every day. Mr.Tanioka, one of my teachers when I was in junior high school, was a strict person who assign homework every day to their students, and he could not have sufficient time to sleep to check them all. Eventually, he got nasty illness and he retired the job. This is the extreme case, but in fact, the teachers tend to lack their time to coach their students except for cheking their homework.

In summary, the teachers should not assing homework every day because we can not substantially got the knowledge and specialized knowledge, and it is hard work for them.

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