A zoo is not meaningful

TOEFL Essay Topic 153 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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A zoo is not meaningful

A lot of people probably think that a zoo is one of the important and meaningful place for many people. However, I agree with the statement that a zoo is has not useful purpose. I will present several reasons to support my opinion.

First of all, most of animals in the zoo are sleeping, not active during day time when the zoo is opened. Therefore, it is quite boring and meaningless for people who visit it and to observe animals. This is illustrated by my experience when I visited a zoo by school trip in my high school. In this trip, I had to write several reports about animals which I observed in the zoo, so I had decided to write about wolfs and lion prior to visiting the zoo. Before, I arrived in the zoo, I was looking forward to do this assignment because I was so interested in the wolf’s and lion’s behaviour. However, while I walked around inside the zoo, I was gradually disappointed because most of animals were sleeping or laying on the ground, they did never move around. Of course, wolfs and lions which are usually active during night fall asleep. It was quite boring and disappointing for me. Consequently, I could not write anything about their behaviour on the report, as a result, I gained a below grade to the assignment.

Secondly, a zoo sometimes gives negative effects for local people. Instead of a zoo, building a library or a museum is more beneficial for many people. A good example of this is my city case where a zoo had been placed. By five years ago, the zoo which was operated by my city office had been situated in the central city. However, this zoo had been criticized from local people for the several reasons. Firstly, nobody visited this zoo that it is no meaning and useless, therefore local people ask city office to build other institute which is more meaningful for many people. Additionally, the odour from the animals in the zoo had been so smelling around it that the neighbours who reside in near it were so angry. As a result of many criticisms and opinions from local people, the city office finally decided to close the zoo and establish a library and a museum where the zoo had been placed. This was a sound decision because many people now use the library and visit the museum and the neighbours have not been annoying to uncomfortable animal’s smells.

For the reasons I mentioned in the paragraphs above, I agree with the idea that a zoo is has not useful purpose.

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