a good friend

TOEFL Essay Topic 18 - What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

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a good friend

Different people may hold different opinions on the question that:how to become a good friend. As far as I am concerned, the main important characteristics a good friend should have are: honesty, intelligence, and the sence of humor.

To be a good friend, one should be honest. Honesty is the prerequisite of stable friendship. No relationship can build upon mendacity, especially the friendship.Take one of my best friends for example. When I was in high school, I met Lisa, she was so honest and reliable that I shared all my feelings with her whether they are happy ones or sad ones. Moreover, I even can not help telling her my secrets, because she can give me helpful advices about certain issues and keep my secrets forever. We relied on each other during the period of high school. From then on, I realize that honesty is the indispensable characteristic a good friend should have. Although we are not in the same city, we still keep in touch with each other.

To be a good friend, one should be intelligent. People usually choose wise people to get along with, because it will be more easily to communicate each other on many things. Moreover, we can also discuss complicated problem with clever people.In addition, one can obtain inspiration or ideas from an intelligent friend. Supposed that a person wants to discuss a question about relativity theory which is raised by physical teacher with his friend. Can he get the answer or some clues about this question from an unwitty friend who does not know the relativity theory at all. The answer is no for sure. So if I look for a friend, in addition to honesty, the intelligence is also what I have to take into account.

To be a good friend, one should be humorous. A friend who possess the sense of humor will bring you much more happiness. When you suffer from sorrow, a humorous friend can make you laugh and forget the sadness by telling funny stories or making faces. When I am with Jack who is a very humorous person, I always find that time passes so quickly and the only feeling I have is joy. When I work together with him, we also work efficiently. So making friends with humorous person will benefit a lot.

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