School sports teams

The financial issues are plaguing our country,and school sports teams are not immune to it.While it is a well-known fact that the financial condition of art club and volunteering club is poor,very little is known about the school sports team suffering.For example, some sports teams have asked team members to bear some of the cost […]


Study of history or literature

Some people may say that the study of history or literature is quite important for school, but rather I believe that for students it is better to study science or mathematics at school, since science or mathematics are more practical to live in our society. The skill of mathematics is required for almost all occupations […]


Presentation of a place visually

Presentation of a place visually is the most important aspect of most important aspect.Cleanliness,architecture and unique appearance are integral components of visual presentation.People are likely to use image search engine to find travel photos of possible destinations and make a judgement in a matter of seconds.Nobody wants to travel to a place with undistinguished cityscapes,let […]


Learn from friends

It is easy to make friends,however,it is hard to learn something from them.I have a close friend who majors in literatures.She is well-known wit.I can get it but I cannot express my views in the same way.That is because she has been exposed to numerous great works of literature during her schooldays,but I am not […]


Studying the same national curriculum

Studying the same national curriculum is beneficial in some ways indeed. For example it helps the department of education to simplify their education plan and makes it easier to design tests. Since the students all study the same surriculum, it will be an easy job to distinguish the good learners. However there are also sufficient […]