Communication between people

Nowadays, with the boost of modern technology, various forms of communication have sprung up and changed our lives significantly. Particularly, the widespread of telephones and email greatly enhances the interaction between people. Nevertheless, this advance also makes communication between people less personal. In the earlier time, in order to contact others, people tend to write […]



Congestion is a big problem in modern cities. Some people argue that increasing tax on private transportation could reduce traffic jams on the roads. This essay will show how this is possible and how increasing the level of public transport could help in this situation. Firstly, the increase of tax for private vehicles could decrease […]


People are busier

A lot of people probably think that recently people enjoy what they want to do such as study and leisure. However, I disagree with the statement that people today spend too much time on personal enjoyment rather than doing thing they have to do. In this essay, I will present several reasons to support my […]