Durability of socks

The vice president concludes here that their company, Dura-Socks, can make more profits by not expending on a manufacturing process which increases the durability of the socks up to two years. The argument is stated in such a way that it assumes too much and fails to consider the complexities and intricacies of causality. To […]



The recent years witness the aggressive development of Internet, without which modern people seem unable to survive. Governments of all countries are devoting lots of money to improve Internet access. However, I believe that despite the importance of Internet in our lives, governments should set the development of public transportation as priority. Public transportation brings […]


Boys and girls should attend same schools

I disagree with the statement that boys and girls should attend different schools, and I have several reasons to support my opinion. I believe that in essence, co-ed institutions are more suitable for today‚Äôs modern society than single-gender schools, are more practical in a financial sense, and can produce graduates who are more well-rounded with […]



More and more people have pets in recent years. Some people say such an additional member of their family can stimulate their life. Others think that feeding on pet tends to become a burden on their family. In my opinion, a close relationship with pets offers a good opportunity to enhance their life, such as […]



In context that world is going through a rapid development many aspects, including economy, life standard and medical level, and the average income per person is many times of that years ago, many observation claims that Young people are enjoying life more than the older people. I do agree with that. The young people’s enjoying […]