The role of school or college in cultivating students

The statement is flawed due to its downplaying the role of school or college in cultivating students, as far as I am concerned. It’s reasonable to associate personal discipline with great significance concerning learning knowledge, but there are still considerable students lacking motivation in need of timely and appropriate guidance from their teachers as well […]


The argument attributes the decrease

The argument attributes the decrease of the number of shoppers and the increase of litter as well as vandalism to the popularity of skateboarding in Central Plaza. However, the author’s reasoning is not cogent enough to champion his claim to prohibit skateboarding in the Central Plaza. When considering reasons that incur the decline of customers, […]


Should students work independently

So fierce is the social competition that students are now burdened with increasing expectations and pressure from both their parents and schools, as is made evident by the tons of schoolwork that students are required to finish. Some people claim that students, regardless of the workload, should work independently, whereas others argue that parents, both […]