114 Some people think that the

TOEFL Essay Topic 114 - Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

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114 Some people think that the

Many people would agree that the friends have the most important influence on young adults but according my personal opinion the family is the one that reflect most on the childrens behaviour.

The family in the face of mother, father, sisters or brathers and even grandmothers and grandfathers is the one that have the bigest influence in forming a young chield`s charachter.Usually the kids are coping their parents values, the way they comynicate at home, the way they do things, they dress, the things they like and many others. I will give very simple examples for the way the parents tast can influence on their childrens taste. I have a friend and she always has her coffe with sugar and i preffer it without any. one day we were discousing why we have this different tast and she told me that she has it from her mother aho is always drinking coffee with sugar, on the other side i realised that my mom never use sugar. Other example i can give is about smoking. many children start smoking because thir friends smoke, but here again the parents are the one that can change their choise. If the parents and other members of the family are non smokers it can be very easy to explain to the younger member that smoking is not good and that even without smoking it can fit very well in the different kind of groups. But if the parents are smoking it is almost imposible to make them believe that smoking is not good. Most young adults will think why their relatives try to convince them that something is not good when they by themselves are doing it.

The Family life can be a very important teacher to the young adults. Most of the children try not to do the same mistakes their parents do. That can help them to progress faster and avoid a lot of trubels in life. For example my parents are divorsed and my sisters and i had grown with my mother. The three of us have seen how difficult is for my mom to look after us, work and almost not have any time for her personal life. From very young age we start helping her with many things and even look after ourselves. It make us stronger and help us realise that to make comitments and important steps in life we have to be very stable and sure that we can go to the end. Now we have good education, we are successful in life and reach level higher than most of my friends.

For me frinds are importamt but they never have a big influense on me. I try to see their good sides and to learn from their mistakes, but never want to copy their bechaviour.

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