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  1. Topic 81 - Our life - by shimpei
    I agree with the opinion that the world became better because of technology, of Read More...
  2. Topic 153 - Regarding Zoos - by Ju-shin
    Although there are some negative aspects of zoos, I strongly disagree with the i Read More...
  3. Topic 951 - Argument essay 1 - by Michelle
    at 2016-09-29 21:52:43
    The argument presented by the author seems weak in the intent to dismiss the pro Read More...
  4. Topic 798 - Class reunions of Appleby college - by ErnestK
    at 2016-09-29 21:14:50
    While it may be true that the increase in alumni donations is as a result of the Read More...
  5. Topic 337 - welfare vs achievemnts - by mygre
    at 2016-09-29 15:19:09
    Different criteria have been proposed to measure the power of countries. While s Read More...
  6. Topic 30 - Building of High School in community - by mjoseph
    at 2016-09-29 10:12:01
    High school is the important medium to educate and develop basic concepts in a c Read More...